Saturday, October 01, 2016

Goodbye September. Hello October.

Where the hell did September go?! Ever since I returned to work for the school year time has sped up! Now I have zero complaints about that! I'm always up for summer break to come back around. However, it's everything that comes before summer break that is the problem. You know--winterizing the RV, leaf raking (I hate raking leaves!), holiday stresses....

Our October weekends are packed with fun. Now I hope the damn leaves stay green a little longer, holding tight to the branches. We've got no time for raking! 

We said good-bye to September by trying out a local restaraunt.
My good friend loves this place. Since it is right down the road from Princess A and her Prince Charming, we invited them to join us. They're smart, so they accepted our invitation...because they know the parentals will pick up the tab. Loved this place! The stuffed rainbow trout was delicious! The drink menu of craft beers was plentiful. Although, I went with red wine while everyone else drank suds. The menu is not over priced and the atmosphere is fun--in the neighborhood joint sense. We will return to this establishment! Sooner than later. 

October was welcomed in at the 11th Annual Octoberfest the my good friend hosts. Her husband, brother and friend crafted 7 home brew beers for the occasion.  
King Ralph, M and I agreed the Octoberfest was our favorite. I loved the Jack-O-Latte--October flavor with a touch of coffee. The perfect after-dinner suds. The Munich Dunkel was yummy. M really liked the Rye not so much. None of us were brave enough to try the Gose, as the label warned it wasn't a flavor for just anyone's pallet.

The food is always Germanlicious! Brats, kraut, potato salad...

The dessert table never fails either. M was pleased when she snagged the last spice cake cake pop. 

It's hard to beat the brats and brew, but seeing friends you haven't hung with in a while makes the night even better. It makes the laughter louder too. 
I think our gathering circle laughed the most. M's stories of her childhood and present life kept us going for hours. 

As we put a close on the first of October M and I created our take-home six-pack from the community beer chest. Here's what the Avery's flight looks like: 

To end the weekend King Ralph and I took a late afternoon trip to SEMO to fix D's bed. 
I can attest to the fact that being woke an hour after being asleep to unstable bed slats requires a dad's handyman rescue. I say that because the weekend before D woke me to help her as half the mattress kissed the floor.

So the bed got fixed. We all got fed Mexican food (picked up the tab again). And D got us to buy her weeks cash in her hand. 

I think she wants us to visit more often! 

Here it is Monday all over again. Sigh. Don't you worry about me! I'll have a weeks worth of middle school antics to entertain me...while anxiously awaiting Friday's return. 

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Lin said...

Ooooh, I want to go to that Octoberfest!! That is impressive.

I love going to visit the kids--stocking them up in food, gas for the car, supplies and a $20 for good measure. I guess that is what we do, right? Aw, heck, it gives me the chance to mother them the way that they probably need it the most.