Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Remember when we all use to sing along with Judy Collins's Send In The Clowns? Remember when we use love to take our kids to the circus, excited to have a clown whip up balloon animals for our children? Or how your moms dressed you as a clown on Halloween...because it was an easy homespun costume. The only money spent was for store bought pasty make-up? 

Well. No more! 

Don't send in the clowns! Kids soon will not desire a trip to the circus! And no one will dress up like a clown this Halloween. Okay, well some will dress like clowns, but it ain't gonna be for a pumpkin full of candy! Nope it's gonna be to terrorize people. 

Why do I think this? Well, first I watch the news and hear all the horrible clowns antics. Then King Ralph has to deal with clown stories at work...which spill over into my work place. They were just stories, not sightings, that rile students.

Then the news didn't let up! All over town, up the highway and across the river clowns continued to lead the news stories. 

This week it got a bit more real. M called King Ralph at work to say her school was on lock down because a "dangerous" clown was allegedly spotted near the school. While she was allowed to continue conducting class with locked doors and drawn shades; the kids really wanted no part of it. The initial announcement of the lock down gave M chill bumps, she said. It wasn't long after I got home that I found her district's superintendent posted his letter to parents assuring the students and staffs safety and well being is always the biggest concern. 

In the evening I talked with my bestie in Chi Town. Turned out her daughter's school district was dealing with clown antics. The clown problem is spreading across the country. Ugh! Sigh! 

While this might be the post where I should add a clown picture, or suggest we all resurrect our VHS players to watch videos of Stephen King's IT...I'm going to refrain. Listen, I don't want hate emails because I induce nightmares. 



Don't send in the clowns! 


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