Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Where'd That Weekend Go?

Where'd the weekend go? I ask that question and here it is, the weekend all over again. The year is flying by, and weekends happen in the blink of an eye--here and gone. I'm counting down to Spring Break, and before I know it, it'll be my summer break. 

Last Saturday King Ralph, M and I headed over to the St. Louis Science Center to get pumped for our summer vacation, by seeing an omnimax flick. We have no shame in admitting we're national park geeks. Is there really any shame in loving to vacation in the most majestic spots America has to offer? I say not! That's why we were excited to see "National Parks Adventure."
While we all three agreed we enjoyed the movie, we also agreed we wanted a little bit more from it. It did highlight some incredibly awesome adventures experienced by thrill seekers. 

This summer will be the first time in three years that M will hit the open road with King Ralph and I. While we won't be riding our bikes to a skreaching hault to mountains edge...we will hike hard and explore the vast open beauty of our country. 

Then we headed over to Soulard for lunch. My pal Lin likes to refer to Mission Taco Joint as "tacos for the pretty people." Rest assured Lin, I was not the only patron fashioning a ball cap. 

I was still riding high on Mother Nature's gift of flip-flop wearing weekend weather, after a crazy snow boot wearing Wednesday.  Sunday we loaded up our bikes for a seven mile ride. Then off to our nephew's house for bocce ball and BBQ. 

This weekend the weather is cooler and calmer. The calendar says: kick back and relax. Which is exactly the plan! 


Lin said...

I'm sure the ball cap was a "hip and cool" version! ;) LOVE that place.

I am very envious of your warm weather. We are excited that it is going to be in the 60's this week--even if it brings rain. :( Em has break and I took 3 days off to spend it with her. We bailed on taking a trip--she is exhausted and needs to just hang at home. Home it is--but that doesn't mean we aren't gonna do fun stuff.

I can't wait for summer travel season!

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