Friday, March 11, 2016

Lose It!

(Four ounces of sparkling wine 91 calories. I had 12 ounces...after a long walk) 

Three weeks ago my friend/co-worker and I decided we needed to lose a few L-Bs, so we downloaded the app "Lose It!" and bought Fitbits. 

Step one, ditching our Friday delivered or creatively home cooked lunches we shared for carefully calculated salads or cans of green beans. We can tell you how many calories are in a Tootsie pop--sixty. We drink enough water to pee a man made lake. All this in an effort to: 1. Fit into clothes hanging in our closests 2. To feel better with our sedimentary jobs. 3. Because we are menopausal with slowed down metabolisms. We sneak out of the office for brisk walks through the halls...racking up steps. To add to our goofiness we challenge each other to 60 second wall sits. If you walk in the nurse's office it may appear we are blocking the med cabinet. When really it's the closest thing to available wall space we can find. As of today, 60 seconds no longer feels like a death sentence. We actually are surpassing the 60 second mark. 

Julie hits the community center gym after work, while I enjoy 3 mile walks in my neighborhood, after the sun sets and the sidewalks are quiet. Whatever our methods, we are racking up those 10,000 steps plus. 

Last Friday my boss, who we often invited to enjoy our lunches, stopped by our table to jokingly proclaim our healthy eating was near nonsense and that he missed our Friday lunches. I just laughed at him and said "you just wait till I'm looking like Victoria Beckham!" 

Watch out world here comes The Lose It Girls! 

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Lin said...

Go you girls!! Joe and I joined WW 3 weeks ago. I'm down 6.2 pounds...Joe a little more than that. It's that time of year.