Monday, June 15, 2015

Singing In The Rain

At the present moment I am experiencing first world problems. I have no electricity and my cell phone is dead. No landline, just a cell phone...see the problem? Being in communication with me is not an option. Opening the refrigerator is a no-no, need to keep the cool in the box, so cooking is out of the question. As is grocery shopping to restock the staples we are out of.  Just when I think the thunderstorms have passed, and natural light will flood the house, here comes yet another storm. 

Let me take you back a few hours , back to the mother/daughter date I had with M today. With just a few days left to her week home, while the minor league baseball team she is employed by is on the road, we figured some good local fun was calling us. We decided on the Botanical Gardens
where we could enjoy the lantern festival showcase pieces in the daytime.

When we left home it was a beautiful and comfortable 81*, but as we walked around the gardens it was clear the summer Saint Louis heat was catching up. We didn't care, we were spending time together. Ooooing and aaahhhing at all the things beautiful (that my black thumb could never grow), from flowers to artichoke plants in bloom. When the quickly approaching dark clouds, that I was confident we could beat, got us.

Once the rain began it came down in buckets. Once we were wet we were committed to being wet and just walked on--laughing and playfully singing the water cycle song. Honestly, what else is a soaked to the bra and undies mother-daughter duo to do? By the time we got the entrance the gentleman who graciously took our photo at the beginning, just happened to be there (soaked like us) at the end of the adventure, to snap our picture again. As you can see, like the flowers, we too got watered!

This just proves it's not how you spend  time together that makes the fun, but who you spend time with that makes the fun!