Thursday, June 25, 2015

M Is for Middle. M is for Madison.

I read this saying the other day that your first born child is the one who makes you parents, and it's your youngest child that makes you empty nesters. While that saying is very much the truth, what about that middle child? What does the middle child make you--crazy, perhaps? 

When our middle gets the opportunity to come home we are not left wondering if she is in fact here.  Her larger than life personality does not leave us questioning.  She always is adding humor and fire to situations. On the flip side she is always quick to show her gratitude for the things we do for her--like spending hundreds of dollars on her car to keep it in safe running condition, or reflecting on past adventures. 

She enjoys spending time with us...from getting rained on in the botanical gardens on a mom date, to infusing herself with history on a parent date. 

The middle is never left short of picture opportunity with a sister.  The middle is the meat between two slices of bread, or the pages between the cover of a book....

When it was time for our middle to return to her college town where she works for a minor league baseball team, parting was sweet sorrow.  I was back in my world of "home alone"-- which actually isn't all that terrible! (sorry kids!).  What neither King Ralph or I expected was a call that half way into her drive she blew a tire.  A tire was not part of the hundreds of dollars spent on car repair while she was she home.  Thank God for AAA.  Walmart, uhg! The place where prices drop, but the automotive department stands still in time.  Three hours later she had a new tire, and never showed for work that day.  

While she was sitting idle in Walmart I kept finding all these reminders that she was home.  

And this my friends, is how sibling wars begin! 
(The pantry white board) 
(The lower level family room) 

My thought, Princess A made us parents, and D made us empty nesters, but the middle child is the one who keeps the family alive! 

M is for middle. M is for Madison.


Lin said...

M is for "mwhahahahaha!"

I like the signs. :)

Gonna be down there this week. Please turn off the humidity before I get there.

JODI said...

Lin- Saturday and Sunday are going to be glorious!