Friday, June 19, 2015

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY, Come Again Another Day (like weeks and weeks and weeks from now)

There is something lost in my usual summer hall pass morning ritual of sipping my cup of hot tea on the deck, grabbing the morning sun and reading a book.  There is something lost in my morning summer hall pass ritual of walking to Starbucks on Monday and Friday for a latte--exercise and caffeine all rolled into one.  There is something lost in my usual summer hall pass morning ritual when all my phone does is spit out emergency alerts that the area rivers are about to flash flood. There is something lost in my usual summer hall pass ritual of taking walks outside or bronzing my skin for an exact thirty minutes a day.  There is something lost in my usual summer hall pass ritual when I can't lunch with my girlfriends at eateries with patio dining or float on a raft in my sister-in-law's pool.  Mother Nature is screwing with a ritual that cleanses my spirit and lifts me up.

Yesterday; however, after a day of constant rain, I caught a burst of unexpected sunshine.  At 5pm a short break in the rain occurred.  The sky was blue, with soft white fluffy clouds and the sun poured down right onto my deck.  I grabbed my NOOK, opened my favorite chair and stretched out soaking in every last ray that was offered up in that twenty minute tease of a gift.  A girl's got to take whatever Mother Nature is willing share...or should I say spare?  While the sun was shining a gust of pleasant sweet wind blew and the rain laden maple tree leaves danced.  They danced a day's worth of water off its leaves--mimicking rain falling.  It was so beautiful, almost musical, with an encore performance.  Then as fast as the sun appeared it was gobbled up by a new batch of grey clouds and the rain resurfaced.

Once the sun set the rain stopped.  Then while we slept it started again.  And hasn't let up.  I miss the sounds of the cardinals chirping their early morning song of "birdie-birdie-birdie" and the young neighbor kids laughing in their yards.  I miss the sound of lawn mowers grooming yards .I miss the sight of my neighbor's underground sprinkler going off at the exact same time each day. I miss, I miss, I miss--a lot of thing sunshine permits us too. Ugh! ENOUGH ALREADY. IT'S BEEN RAINING SINCE LAST SUNDAY.  ENOUGH!!

Instead I am left to watching Redbox and Netflix movies, walking on the treadmill, jumping rope in the red room next to the piano, sipping tea or a latte (brewed from the Keurig) while sitting in the living room (peering out the window at rain) and surfing Pintrest for the next best thing I can cook up in the kitchen.

The grass is so tall I may have to resort to borrowing a goat or two to graze and chew down the height.  Good Lord, the lawnmower would bottom out in the marsh the yard has become.  The only sound besides rain I hear is our sump pump churning so often I fear it can't keep up.  There's a good chance that my old neighbors (and they out number us 10 to 1) are building an arc just in case the creek across the street rises and threatens to sweep us all away.

So. I plead with you, Mother Nature.  Down on bended knee, hands pressed together in a prayerful form...please, please, please, pretty please bring down the curtain on this symphony of rain.  My productivity is highly dependent on the amount of sun that shines.  The weather conditions have left me a muck, thus resulting in a bed that has not been made all week.

Think that begging was heard?  Or did that fall onto deaf ears, like when I ask my college kids to pick up after themselves?  Oh well, can't fault a gal for trying to plead with Mother Nature!        

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