Thursday, June 04, 2015

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There is no greater joy than that of my work year ending and my glorious unpaid summer break beginning! It's been a year to say the least!  A year of things I've seen, heard and processed I am more than happy to forget! 

This summer break will give me time to refill my empathy tank (it's been on empty way to long), stop the self soothing eating (M &Ms I shall miss you in a 3lb bag form), clear my mind and soul, lose some pounds (M&M I blame you, but thank you for helping me through the rough spots), read, bronze my skin (poolside) and hang out with the people I love. The people that fill me with joy.  I plan to camp, sip grapefruit and cucumber martinis, chug a blueberry lager, hike, run on the tread mill, have coffee and lunch dates with girlfriends, hang out with my nieces and daughters, float the river, go on dates with King Ralph... The joyful possibilities are endless. Make homemade strawberry jam. Visit the lavender farm (on my bucket list). Go to the lantern festival at the botanical gardens. Go to a Cardinals ball game. Take a trip to the wineries. Most of allow erase the nastiness of a year of ridiculous behaviors that permeated my work space. 

Hello summer I've been missing you! 

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Lin said...

You certainly deserve the break after I hear some of your work stories. Ugh. I wish you a happy, carefree, drama-free summer! I hope to connect with you in a few weeks. :)

I am excited to be going to my first Cards baseball game!