Saturday, January 29, 2011

In the Dark

Friday I was in the shower getting all clean smelling for work when pow--the power went out.

I felt like this:
Because as I stood in the pitch dark bathroom, home alone, I began to let my mind wander to horror films. I began to think someone must have broke into the house, turned off the power and was coming to get me.  It wasn't Norman Bates after me. So who?  Who was coming to get me but this guy:

I recovered quickly.  Except for the fact that I now had a wet head and no blow dryer.  My hair for work pretty much looked like this:

I was afraid to open the frig to make my lunch; being by the time I left for work the power had been out an hour.  I wanted to keep all the cold in the box in case the power stayed out all day.  I brought microwave popcorn from the pantry for lunch. Yuck.  Then I burnt it in the hundred year old office microwave with it's turn dial timer.  I stunk the office up something terrible. I ate Fiber One Cinnamon Toasty O's I keep on my desk to snack on instead.  What a lunch that was!   

That was my Friday.

King Ralph and I are now on a quest to see every Oscar nominated film before the big award show.

Here's our viewing record to date:
X  Black Swan
X  The Fighter
X  Inception
__The Kids Are All Right
127 Hours
X The King's Speech
X  The Social Network
X  Toy Story 3
__ Winter's Bone
__ True Grit


Lin said...

Nothing worse than having no power! We lost it for 3 days once and I was so darn crabby! It was just horrible. Funny thing is that we are campers and are fully prepared to live without power for weeks at a time. But at home, it was NOT fun. Neither was losing our fish (no air in the aquarium) and all the food in the refrigerator.

JODI said...

Lin- I am bracing for possible power outage again tomorrow as ice and snowmeggedon STL. I have to laugh but, they have the National Guard on stand-by to help us. No fear, I have the flash lights ready to go.

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Did you like the king's speech? more importantly, do you think *I* would like it??

JODI said...

Nellie- I loved The King's Speech! It had some humor added where everyone in the theater laughed. I love-love-love history and biography based anything; it's my favorite genre. I found myself back home googling George VI and learning more after the movie.

I can tell you what not to see.