Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Biggest Losers

Dear Biggest Losers-

I have failed you, my co-workers.  Admittance is the first step to getting back on the right track, right?

So here goes.

Last Friday was a bad day so Saturday morning found me digging into M's leftover DECA Krispy Kreme donuts...three chocolate iced donuts to be exact--Mmmmmm.  I suppose you can call that emotional eating.  Yesterday I had a Diet Pepsi from the staff lounge vending machine.  Plus I kind of skipped on the whole exercise thing. I've fallen of the wagon.

So...I plan to skip the weigh-in.   I won't be found stripping down to my undies and tank in the bathroom stall this Thursday morn.  Nope I plan to ease the pain of seeing the Biggest Loser scale read a pound heavier and just anny-up the fricking buck for weight gain.  I suppose there could be chance I could have stayed the same and only have to anny-up fifty cents, but, but I am taking the weak way out. 

Now the question is should I weigh down the envelope with four quarters or keep it light with the one green back? 

Jodi- a weak link in the chain of healthy co-workers she goes to pack her fruit salad for lunch.


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

ou are doing grea!!! Even hough ou suffed oureslf wih CRAP, ou can ge back on he wagon and win ha cash po!!! I's gonna be so worh i! If ou are having rouble wih he old swee ooh, ou should reall r chia pudding! No kidding. I's a life saver! Google search he losing weigh benefis of chia seeds. Now ge up and do 30 jumping jacks. Cross ur legs if ou have o (es, I know abou wha happens when ou jump!) hehe!

Lin said...

I have NO idea what Nellie is writing these days, but I'm with her--I think. I think she is saying that it's not too late--you can jump back on that wagon and beat those other Losers!!! Go Jodi!

JODI said...

Nellie- I am still walking behind the wagon. But tomorrow is a new day.

Lin- I think I got a scolding from the Biggest Loser founder in the hall on Friday for purposely not weighing in...did I care? Nope. Not. One. Bit.

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