Friday, January 07, 2011

Building Dreams,Friendship & Memories Part 2

Woke on Thursday to one of my girls feeling worse than she did when I tucked in bed Wednesday night.  Her body ached, her skin hot to the touch and the bones aching. She clearly would not make it from the bed.  I called the band nurse, who herself was sick-sick-sick--but carried on as nothing was wrong. We filled our kid full alternating doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen, TUMS and a bedside table of ice chips and fresh fruit, tucked into bed again with a prescription of rest-rest-rest.  The principal stayed back to nurse her and others.  I checked in often.

We handed out uniforms.  Dressed the kids in bids and warm-ups... off to practice at a local high school to practice for Band Fest. 

While the 208 kids practiced we chaperones laid out the next step of dressing (if I never see another garment bag or hat box again in my life it will not be to soon).

Clearly the lack of sleep was catching up, an order of Starbucks was in much need.  When the travel rep went to retrieve the kids who were ordered to sleep in from the day before stomach flu episodes--we talked our rep into a Starbucks stop.  Oh-ya-caffeine-baby!  Then we emerged from the warm bus catching a dose of sunshine, watching the kids work their musical magic.
When the kids finished practice the head band director made a that drew tears from all listening.  You see the band director has been battling cancer since last February.  He seemed to be taking the treatments quite well all during competition season, then about three weeks before the trip things took a turn.  His appearances during the trip week were sporadic. The week before it was unsure if he would be healthy enough to make the trip at all.  He spent most of his time resting in his hotel suite; as he should have been.  He came out of that room when the kids performed, dressed in suit, smiling... pretty much pretending to feel good-- for the kids.  His speech was a sort of unneeded apology for not being ever present and that he wasn't exactly where he had wanted to be health wise.  Tears. Tears. Tears.
  Then it was off to the 
Where the kids had a formal picture snapped to commemorate
this most honorable band moment of their lives
There are 27,000 high schools in America
only 15 are chosen to march in the
Tournament of Roses Parade
Lindbergh has been chosen twice

Outside the security fence
15 of 16 of the 18 color guard girls who made the trip
(that poor sick-feverish-kid-back-bed-at-the-hotel
 missing out made me sad)  
snapped a group picture with the guard directors...
and then one of me and my girly.
We visited another float decorating tent
where I spotted the Grand Marshall vehicle
all spruced up with its flowers...
and tons of flowers waiting to be placed.

 Next it was off to Pasadena City College
for a nibble of California tradition 
  where the kids performed a simplified field show
to their parade music selections...
and our band director
 who exhibited a display of dedication for the kids 
got the customary Band Fest participation trophy

All the hard work and lack of sleep
called for a party!
So in those marked carry-on (gift) bags
were party clothes.
What girl doesn't like a reason to wear
a fun little dress and a pair of stilettos.

We waited for some new friends to arrive from
 Owasso High School - Owasso, OK
to share the dance floor...
since they were really late the Flyers
owned the dance floor.
 I am sure at some point in my life video will surface
 of Tina and I owning the dance circle
during do da Stanky Legg.
The other chaperones enjoyed 
playing the wall flowers... 

Not Tina and I, we filled our own dance cards.

Then it was back to the hotel to check on my sick kid,
prepare for another fun filled day on a mini dose of sleep.

To be continued...


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