Sunday, January 02, 2011

Coming To You From The Clouds

From seat 31d, which actually is the lavatory, they pretend it was a real airplane seat to rob me of my money, and for sound effects the engine is placed next to my right ear.  What'd ya say?

Isn't this just super, I bought some on-line time in the clouds--a little entertainment to pass the flight time.  'Cause you know I haven't had enough entertainment in the past week, hehehe.  I am slightly overwrought with emotion as this-is- it.  Band consuming our home ended there on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, California.  What an ending!  But we'll get to the parade later.

I had the best time hanging with 208 fabulously crazy teenagers and most of the 26 adults.  I learned sleep is for the weak; totally overrated and "fluffy eggs" grow old after two days, that fruit is tastier in California, that my amusement park pals included the twelfth grade principal and that I am pretty darn good at nursing girls who puke and crap their pants all night.  I have never laughed so much or so hard at things that really are hardly funny and the band sounds better when they play their instruments in California. 

Because I am much to tired to think proper grammer and puncuation...I leave you with a tease of what is to come.  Or not since pictures don't seem to want to post when you are floating in the sky.

Till later....


Lin said...

I'm waiting to hear your stories. :) They sure looked and sounded great on TV!

JODI said...

Lin- Thanks! I loved seeing Princess A on Colorado Blvd as much as I loved seeing M come down Colorado Blvd. It ws just awesome!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Looking forward to the next blog! Hope you get your hearing back :) I also hope you took pics of the lavatory! You know I love me some interesting toilets!


JODI said...

Nellie- You know I did!