Thursday, November 04, 2010


Rapunzel ,Rapunzel let your hair down.

Last time I saw a Disney animated movie that totally captured my heart and left me in Disney love, was when Princess A was 20 months old. (Not saying I haven't seen some really good animated features since then, because I have.)   It was her first movie in a theater--Beauty and the Beast.  Princess A sat so entranced by every second of the movie it was hard to tell between the 20-month old and the adults in the theater.

Until tonight...

I scored some sneak peek tickets at work, compliments of Radio Disney, to see Disney's new movie Tangled.  It was Disney love all over again!  The theater was jam packed full of kids.  It has been a long time since I have sat amongst that many small people enjoying a movie.  Hearing the sweet sound of children's laughter sprung me back in time...remembering how M could always find humor in movies even when others couldn't.  Even with the infectious laughter of wee-ones, Tangled's humor isn't hard to find.  It is brimming with the perfect dose of slap stick.  Mandy Moore's voice is a captivating song bird leaving you to rush home to buy the Tangled CD.  Of course, like any good Disney animated movie there is the handsome hero Flynn Rider and the evil sinister Mother Gothel.  The message of believing in yourself, reaching for your dreams, never holding back or giving up is played out in the most perfectly beautiful way that the smallest of children and the children at heart can totally understand.  Disney magic at its best.  

If you want my suggestion for which dessert you should pick on Thanksgiving...I'm going to suggest a serving of Tangled--coming to theaters November 24.            


Lin said...

Is Disney passing out dollar bills for everyone who "loves this movie"? I've seen like a cabillion posts about this movie!

I have to admit to not liking Disney movies all that much. Sure, I like the Dreamworks/Pixar combos, but I am sooo not into Little Mermaid and such. I dunno, I just never plopped my kids in front of the TV when they were little. I think we've figured out the required cast of characters for each Disney movie--a beautiful princess/girl (with long hair, no less), a handsome boy, an evil tormentor, and of course, some wacky animal friend. There isn't much difference for me, other than the names of said characters.

Not going to see this one, I'm afraid. Disney will have to go on without my dollar. I'm ready for the bolt of lightening to strike me dead now.

JODI said...

Lin-No Disney kickback here, although, I'd take one if they wanted to toss it my way.

I'm not gonna strike you with a bolt of lightening, not let anyone else try it. But I will beg you to rent it the day that it comes to DVD...I promise you'll love it too.

Listen I didn't like Princess and the Frog one bit (I rented it). I didn't feel an ounze bad either about not liking it.

natalee said...

I'm dying to see this movie..!!!!!!! They had sneak peaks in Disney and I have always been a Repunzel kind of girl

JODI said...

Natalee- You will not be disappointed! It'll be another princess for your son to fall for. ;-)

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Shame on you Jodi!!! You did NOT trade a soda for the Milky Way candy bars. That kid got the crap end of the stick, and you know it! :)

And how come you didn't tell all your blog buddies THAT story today? Hmmmm?? hehehe!