Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coming To A Mailbox Near You

Me: Hey King Ralph, we snapped a few Christmas card photos today.  Wanna see?

KR: Sure.

Me: There's these, pretty girls....

KR: Oh I like.

Me: and these, silly girls. The girls want silly girls on the card.

KR: I don't like. 

Me: To bad dude! 

Really since when does the only man in the house get any say in how to create the Christmas cards--NEVER!  Now if he aggravated himself with years of moans from girls about how to fix hair and what to wear...if he ordered the cards, addressed and stamped the seventy-five cards, fought the post office parking lot to mail'em all...well, then, maybe.  But still, probably not. 

I toiled between which silly photo to use. 
This craziness was a close contender.
I thought folks might think that snarly beast in the middle, known as Princess A
riped D's hands off  leaving her with just wrists.  
I wonder if you can guess who in trio plays the jester at home?

In the end I decided to go with the original crazy shot.
Because gosh damnit I want to be real this year.
Showing off their beauty and brains.
Which shows the brains are a lil' crazed.

Here you have it: finished product. 

 The only thing that could have made the card even better is if the doghter
would have paused from her backyard lap race to join in the fun. 
 Oh well, maybe next year. 

Enough with's time to show a bit of respect to the turkey this week. 
HAIL TO THE TURKEY!  May he be pardoned only to my table [and plate] on Thursday. 


Lin said...

I LOVE your card!! I am very jealous because I didn't think to take a photo of the kids when they were together a few weeks ago--instead I was left with graduation photos that were semi-lame. Had to do it--had to use it or I was sending cards featuring the cat. God help me when I put the damn cat on the card!

JODI said...

Lin- Cat? Why not cat-s? Which one is getting the shaft--Grace?

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