Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday's Reflections

While the kids are given the next two school days off to recover from their self induced sugar high from bite size candies--to which no signs of left overs are at this house...darn!  I am left with this Kodak moment to remember M, I mean Lady Gaga, on Hallows Eve hanging out at Hugh Hefner's bash.

The dog on the other hand is rather pleased its all over-- she can shed her shark costume.  Although Uli shouldn't get to use to not wearing it; A and M purchased her the fancy get-up and seem to enjoy torching her with the wear.  They have been entertaining themselves with the shark for a month now. Poor doggy!

While the kids plan to laze around (we'll see about that) I can be found outside tackling a yard full of leaves. Much to my chagrin.

One last did it get to be November already?  Not to panic anyone but there is only 53 days till Christmas...55 days till M and I leave to attend the Tournament of Roses Parade.    

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