Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pilgrim Pride

Flash back to Sunday. The TV was still brimming with commercials dedicated to costumed ghouls (and I don't mean politicians running for office tooting there own horn while they slaughter there opponent with forked tongue) eating Reese's peanut butter cups.  Then came November 1.  The commercials are (still chock-full of nasty politicians) bursting of elves creating magic and vision of sugar plums are being planted in children's heads and Overstock dot com sings parents into an Internet shopping trance.  Walgreen's has the holiday isle battling it out--one side is the fifty percent off Halloween leftovers while the other side is stacked with red and green candies, jingle bells, stuffed Santa's and reindeer.

Screeching halt here folks.

What about the turkey?

Does the turkey get no respect?

I mean it's the pilgrim who paved the way for this country to have a day of costumes and sugar overdose.  A day for the man in the red suit to stake claim to the month of December.  So tell me why can't the TV media pedal me Stove Top stuffing and Ocean Spray cranberries.  Campbell's whore the green bean casserole topped with French's french fried onions.  Why can't Butterball give me a dancing turkey table top or a pilgrim sailing on a Norelco razor?  Macy's saves Santa for the end of the parade-- they don't appoint him Grand Marshall making appearance at the lead off.

While the candidates for the Missouri senate polish their axes and daggers for a battle for blood-- known as 'the election"...I'm taking it to the mattresses for the turkey. I will demand Mr. Turkey rein supreme for just the first two weeks of November before I am choked with everything Christmas. I love Christmas, I do I do, its just....

So as soon as I return from my polling place my campaign for the turkey will be waged.       

I heart turkey.  I've got Pilgrim pride!

Be scared Christmas. Be scared.


Off my soap box, on a side note-- I just wanna say

Jodi has voted in the election


Lin said...

I'm sort of glad they haven't merchandised Thanksgiving to the point that it has an aisle in Walgreens, Jodi. I kinda like a subtle holiday, snuck in there between obnoxious and more obnoxious. I like that I don't feel pressure to put up turkeys on my windows and hang cornucopias around the house.

I'm with you--I love Thanksgiving. I love that we don't have to buy cards or treats or presents for anyone. And I like how it just comes with no fanfare or trumpets blaring.

Let Christmas and Halloween battle it out in the aisles. I'm gonna sit in the next aisle over and fill my chubby face with stuffing. :) Quietly.

JODI said...

Lin- I don't want to be forced, commerically enticed, to cling turkey cut outs to my windows either...what I want is for the Christmas goodies to stay hidden for the first two weeks of November. Am I asking to much?

It seems like a lot of pressure on Santa's elves to be working through the summer to crank out the toys.

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