Monday, July 26, 2010

I Feel Like Marian Paroo and Carol Peterson And It's Just Monday

It's Monday.

Which means a couple of things.

One, even though I'm still on summer break M and 190 others friends claim they are not. Which somehow seems unfair because I love staying up late watching old black and white movies and sleeping till 930am. Leaving the house at 630am seems sort of like a cruel punishment. Seems? No it is!  But someone else has other plans for me...that someone leads the band.  Yep, marching band is back in full swing.  Sure M's been spinning her flag and rifle like there is no tomorrow since the first part of June--today marks the beginning of full band.  This means up early, fighting the campus construction, parents and teenage drivers on the high school lot. For M it means up early, out in the heat and humidity all day, working towards the same goal as her 190 friends, coming home to be crabby by 7pm and in bed by 9pm dreaming of bandwiches and marching down Pasadena's Colorado Blvd.  

Second, as mysteriously as the Klopek's came and went so comes our new temporary neighbors...we'll call them "frat boys".  Although we are not sure how many boys fill the house we are certain by the cars parked in the driveway and on the street that there will be many.  King Ralph is walking around instructing the girls not to talk to the "frat boys" or even look there way. Protective father, oh-brother.  I have a feeling landlord has let it be known that those of us who bookend the ole' mysterious rental house are not all that fond of our revolving neighbors.  I have a feeling I may have more to share about the "frat boys"...time will tell.  I'm thinking it's gonna be an Animal House this go around.   

Now, since Mondays mean really only one thing around this female dominating house, The Bachlorette (cause there is nothing better than cheesy-trashy-head-shaking-love-seeking-mini-porn reality televison), I must part way.

Until later....            


Lin said...

Isn't it scary what can move into your life just by moving in next door. Ugh. I hate neighbors. And it's not even extreme dislike--it is out and out hatred most days.

Lin said...

Oh! Snappy new look to your blog, Jodi!! I LOVE it!! It is very fresh looking and inviting. :)

JODI said...

Lin- I actually love my neighbors, except the house next door, and maybe the gal four house up who owns the rental house. I'm setting a goal for kinda liking--if they pay for trash service and mow the grass. I'm setting a bar this time after the last one. LOL

Oh, just like kids get new school shoes I figured the blog deserved some new tread for the school year too. I'm glad you like!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Hey! Smart to become a "follower" on my blog so I can find yours easily by clicking on your picture!

Your husband is funny telling the girls not to even look in the frat boys' way....hello...that's like saying don't look at the candy sitting in the neighbor's yard. What do you think they will want to do first? Yep, look at the frat boys! LOL!