Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Klopeks Unveiled

The evening air has a feeling of a summer family camping vacation, warm but with a cool slight breeze-- the kind of cool breeze that welcomes a camp fire and a cocktail. This comes on the heel of a rather hot spring afternoon.

While no fire is blazing I took to the deck for a Cinco de Mayo celebration for uno. Just me, my margarita and my book. The peace and tranquility it offers is a nice ending to a busy work and mom day.


The view of the Klopek house is even more alluring with a margarita glass in my hand. Maybe the fact that the landlord and an accompanying neighbor made an inside visit to the mysterious closed up house yesterday makes it more bewitching to stare. Since I am the farthest thing from a Mrs. Kravitz I miss out on all the sudden dramatic events that happen footsteps from my front door. I am told there was a screaming match as the landlord defended herself from the harsh words of the Klopek.

While no illegal activity was spotted we aren't ruling out that there may still possibly be a little girl tided up under the mountain of crap that lines the walls to ceiling and floors of the house. Who knows there is probably a lone pot plant in there vying for sunlight. No furniture was spotted except for a trundle bed that the little Klopek sleeps on. It is noted that the poor kid didn't even have sheets on his bed. There is no couch. There is no kitchen table. Which in all honesty I would think nothing of that if it weren't for the fact that there probably isn't basic furniture pieces in the house due in part there is no room for it amongst the crates of crap. I guess one would say it is an episode for A & E's Hoarders. Nicey Nash wouldn't want them, there is nothing to sell in a yard sale. My favorite is the collection of trash bags the Klopeks had lining the backyard. Clever hoarder he is brought in a small trailer with high plywood sides, loaded the trash bags to the top in that ghetto rig to hide them. Really?! How about paying for a once a week curbside trash pick up? Last week he ran out of gas (I think) for his mower and the back yard looked like an alien ship landed. You know like a crop circle, except not as detailed and artistic as a martian can make. I would place a bet that a martian did land, walked in the house realized the single path way through was to narrow for his beefy martain physique, scared to death at the sight of what earth presented, trail blazed it back to his ship high tailing it back to Mars. Yesterday the landlord sent in a landscaping company to cut the yard properly.

You know my dead azaleas in my front planter are looking better and better to the neighborhood.

There you have it...the Klopeks exposed. They are genuine hoarders!


Lin said...

Ewwwww! Is this right next door? We had a neighbor behind us like that. It was an old couple and we found out years later that they were living there with no running water! Uh, and why didn't the village come to check on the two old people who mysteriously didn't have a water bill.....EVER???!

A nephew sort of took over the property and got rid of a ton of stuff and that is a story in itself, but it was scary how much crap these people had. I guess hoarding is more common than we think.

JODI said...