Sunday, July 25, 2010

Funny Things Get Heard on the Way Through Parenthood

The girls like to keep us laughing and turning our hairs grey...of course we wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's a few weekend moments. 

-I love it when King Ralph is doing something so neandrathal like and M says
"you married that, I was born into it."  Either way you look at it we are stuck with it.

-I love it when I am in a deep parent/teenager conversation of lesson taught/learned and D walks in and immediately looks at me, interrupts by saying, "ooooo mom you need to color your hair."  Everyone of these grey hairs is like a badge I earned. Some nearly scream Olympic gold medal. 

-I love getting in Princess A's car to find her latest musical selection is the late Frank Sinatra. Listening to what comes out of her car speakers is like a Cracker Jack surprise--one day it is disgusting rap, the next great classic rock and then today....   

Just a few reasons I absolutely love being a mom, their mom.


-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Hi jodi, I just had to stop by to see your blog. It was one of those "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kind of moments! LOL so how did you come across mine? I tried to be a "follower" of yours so I could have it on my blog dashboard, but I don't think you have that enabled. Darn because I really like your blog.


JODI said...

Nellie- The fingers walking went something like this...I goggled blogs about Grand Canyon, found one, read, then clicked on comments, which then lead me to another blog, that lead me to yours. Of course I was intrigued by your youth, giving up everything as you knew it and the choice to RV full time--I read your blog one evening in place of my novel. And that is how I found you. Now I am tracking your travels in hopes you make it to a place I have my list for our next big camping trip for research and knowledge purposes. Of course you are also entertaining ;-)

Wayne and Maureen said...

We love your creative writing and how you celebrate your childrens unique
inner selves...We have 5 daughters and 2 boys...each a spiritual giant.
Our 8 grandchildren show us what we missed the first time around so it come full circle. best wishes
wayne and maureen

Wayne and Maureen said...

Good heavens nellie, I was posting that comment to jodi and must have come back to your page by mistake

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