Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Think My Neighbor May Be Related to the Klopek's

Remember the Tom Hanks movie The Burbs?

Next door to me is a rental house that mimics the Klopek's. Never mind it is clearly outlined in the subdivision by-laws that no home can be rental property. We try to forget that the landlord who should know better lives four houses up the street. It doesn't, well didn't-- before landlord left this earth from sudden death-- much matter that not only us but the young couple on the other side of the rental house had moaned calmly our disgust.

The house is creepy! Every single window is blinded down tight...never breaching to catch a ray of sunshine. Never does a light bulb gleam in the dark hours. There is a movie camera in the front window capturing who-knows-what because we never see anyone come for a visit...or to mow grass or shovel snow. There is no trash service scheduled over there. Instead the trash is collected in black yard bags, piled in the back of a primered-unplated-tireless-pretty-much-dilapidated-going-nowhere pick-up truck. We affectionately refer to the "renters" as "the vampires". Because who else lives in such mysterious darkness, than a vampire? Once the vampire was three months behind on the rent and in the eleventh hour saved himself by presenting the landlord with nearly four grand in cash. CASH! Who pays rent, late rent, with a large wad of cash? We all have our own ideas. Most on the same path of thought.

Saturday M and I along with our neighbor and her three-old twins had our own Ray Peterson moment. You see the Vampire and his baby vampire (who does emerge for trips to the bus stop but never utters a word) was rumored to be out of town. As we all stood there chatting about the vampires my neighbor said we had to see what she has to look at out her windows. What I no longer can see since the magnolia tree sprung its spring look. So we all strated to make our way over when the video camera was brought up,; "hell I don't care about that camera" as I danced for it-- in case it was recording. Wait, the constant blue light shining is signal it is always in record mode. Then we trudged up the driveway to see rows of trash bags, guts of a car interior and tires all strewn andheaped around two beater cars. M then says "I see a crack in the window I'm going to peek." Our neighbor says "careful there may be a little girl tied up in there." We all laughed by the humorous comment when really who knows what goes on in there. Then one of the twins squeaks that she wants to look, her mom replies "no honey there are drugs in there." We all giggle again. Then we strolled back home without really uncovering much substance to our wonderings.

What is in there? Or goes on in there?

Time can only tell.

Time is going to tell sooner than later. You see landlord's estranged wife is now the keeper of the keys to his kingdom. She too thinks the place is a bit on the creepy Klopek side. She has scheduled a walk through to access things... well she wanted it this past week when the vampire so curiously had to go out of town. Curious, huh? Well those of us who book end the Klopek like house believe so.

So I guess until then we all sit back staring at the drawn blinds on the dark house with its landfill building in the backyard while a video camera records us walking the sidewalk as we all wonder what is going on and what is inside there.

I live next door to a Klopek. And, we are all turning into Ray Peterson and his friends.

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