Thursday, February 18, 2010

You've Got Mail

Yesterday I e-mailed a short note to M's marketing teacher, who was also her Personal Finance Management teacher last year (that required class was full of out-of-control crazy teens making for a stressed teacher), turning out to be her favorite teacher of this year. I felt compelled to apologize to her for M not being able to attend state and nationals; seeing where that trophy could take her in the world of DECA. I felt more compelled to write the note since the male unit of the house is feeling like it is all his fault, walking around with his head hung low and his heart aching. M has assured him there are opportunities that await her in the future and not to feel any guilt. That eases some of his guilt but not all.

I got this nice note back.

I would have never thought that Maddi and I would have such a respect for one another after our first experience teaching PFM and having the class with me. I don't believe Maddi would have thought the same way a year ago. However, I knew she was special and hoped I would have the opportunity to share my true passion with her at some point. I feel I have been blessed with my past three candidates having won the coveted district leadership delegate. Maddi seemed truly honored to be asked to be my delegate, I knew I had the right one. Her care in writing her paper and preparing for the interview told me I had chosen a winner. Although the national leadership conference is awesome, I feel both Maddi and xxxxxxx xxx will carry their passion forward next year as Chapter leaders. She WILL have many opportunities to represent DECA and LHS next year through our program.
Thank you for the note, and enjoy your time together over Spring Break."

So I guess we feel a little better. The male unit is going to feel better about his decision to make spring break plans at a slower pace, but I think he'll get there...when the sun hits his face.


thehappyhunt said...

So who is the marketing teacher at LHS? sounds like you already have spring break plans & that's why Maddi isn't going to Nationals. so where are you off to this year so I can be jealous AGAIN!

JODI said...

Lisa- Girard teaches marketing. As for where we are tell would spoil future blog entries.

I'm also thinking you weren't ever jealous when we were hiking, camping and taking sponge baths. LOL ;-)

thehappyhunt said...

Lisa Girard is darling. Her son, Kennedy, and Hannah went to preschool together at ECE. Oh--so this might be a camping trip spring break. You're right then, I will NOT be jealous. I was still thinking about your Gulf Shores or Florida trips...