Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Dance and Dining With The Dead

Last night was the "Snoball Dance". A dance that was less snow and more rare but welcomed sunshine on a warm February Saturday.

First pictures with the freshmen.

Then pictures with the juniors
The dress lengths were short and the shoes were all rockin'!...also where my camera battery went dead.

Then King Ralph and I escaped to our favorite pizza/sports bar for a few spirited beverages and a bite to eat [at the bar]. (I forget but I think we call that a date.) It was here I caught glimpse of an urn sitting in the center of one of the pub tables. It seems we crashed an Irish wake--a first for our favorite eatery. The mourners appeared to revel less in grief and more in beer. The urn was a coaster and the ashes were toasted--not with words but with the clink of a Bud bottle to the marble urn. Mr. Ashes was then passed from one friend to the next as the mourners decided whether to stay and continue partying in an Irish wake fashion or to leave..who should take'm home. When Mr. Ashes finally left his eight hour memorial party there was one lone ranger left sipping beer, waiting for his safe ride home.

There you have it a dance and my dinner with the dead.


Lin said...

Oh, the kids look GREAT, Jodi! And I love the date/wake--what fun! Did you toast your new dead pally too??

JODI said...

Lin- No toasting Mr. Ashes, besides he was to busy being passed around to bother with a couple of strangers. (We where told the beer tab alone was $1500 for the wake...that's a lot of beer!)

thehappyhunt said...

very cute pix!! I forgot you had 2 groups now: freshman & junior! Hillary did Incrediball instead of Snowball.

JODI said...

Lisa- Actually Maddi did both...spending the majority of her time at the school dance...and said she enjoyed school more than the 45 minutes spent at Incrediball. Next year you will be in my shoes; running from this place to that place taking dance pics :-)