Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Winner Is...

It was a big day for M. DECA Districts.

She won a blue ribbon for "Best Dressed for Success" in the advertising campaign category; of which she and her two friends competed. Sadly they did not place.

M also was chosen to be one of two leadership delegates for the high school. Competing in the leadership delegate category meant she had to write a paper and be interviewed.

Guess what?

M won FIRST PLACE out of forty other delegates from twenty different schools.

She is so cute; as she was doing her homework on her bed she looked up and asks for me to bring her trophy to place on her night stand. "You want it close by to look at it" I say. She smiles proudly in that little girl way and replies "yes."

M is stretched out in her bed tiring and when she slumbers tonight a trophy will glistens in the clock's digital light gleam, then greeting her in the morning.

It will say to her what I have always known--You're great!

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thehappyhunt said...

too cute! way to go, Maddi!