Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Buried Life Has Got Me Thinking

Truth be told I am a lover of reality TV; no matter how sick and perverted it can be. Our TIVO is chock-full of the shows, everything from American Idol to Project Runway to Biggest Loser. My very favorite is The Bachelor. (dare I mention King Ralph is enjoying the show in a sick male kind of way this season.) I love how we girls at work gather on Tuesday morning, and afternoon, to analyze the bachelor and the hound seeking babes. There is however another reality show I love just as much for a totally different reason-- The Buried Life.

I love The Buried Life for its pay it forward message as much as its way to make people think what would you put on your bucket list and what you want to do if you had one day to live.

This episode drew out my tears

After I watched the most recent episode of the guys trying like hell to play a game of basketball with the president...I began thinking what would I want to do if I had one day to live. King Ralph and I talked about it together and came up with something.

We love national parks and we love to hike. There is nothing that compares with walking through nature, breathing clean fresh mountain air, hearing the babbling of brooks while bonding with those you love, then standing at the top of a mountain feeling that close to heaven. It's simple life at its best. It is a goal of ours, as a family, to visit Yosemite and hike the mountains and trails of the park. So we decided together that if The Buried Life guys approached us we would tell them it is our desire to hike Half Dome.

As for a bucket list, gosh I am not to sure what all I would put on it. I have few ideas but not many.

What's on your bucket list and what's that one thing you would want to do if you had one day to live?


Lin said...

I LOVE the Buried Life too, Jodi! I like how they help someone else realize one of their dreams. I like the two guys who wanted to visit the lake of their youth--and then were surprised with their two friends meeting them there. Gees, I had tears. That is a great show.

I'm not sure what my answer would be to those 4 guys--I have to think about it for a bit. Hmmmmm....

Uh, I also like My Life as Liz--right after Buried Life.

JODI said...

Lin- I liked the childhood friends going back to the lake myself. It showed something so simple as a swim in a lake with friends can lock memories for life. I'm thinking somehow there was more to the day in there teen years we will never know from The Buried Life. ;-)

I have never scene My Life as Liz. I;ll check it out. And the space left on my TIVO for recording purposes...cause I never (well, hardly) watch anything in real time anymore. Sick I know!

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