Thursday, November 26, 2009

Year After Year My Cornucopia Runneth Over

Without fail I find much to be thankful for year after year, large and small. This year proves no different. Here is a list of the things I am thankful for, despite the list format I am thankful in no particular order except one and two--in exactly that order.

1. God
2. Family
3. Sunshine
4. Alee Pal time
5. Maddi Pal time
6. Demi Pal time
7. the dog in all her insane aggravation
8. white chili
9. clean underwear
10. toilet paper on the holder
11. my mother-in-law
12. doctors who heal
13. fires in the backyard
14. music
15. Demi playing the piano
16. a good book
17. friends
18. fresh flowers
19. a job I continue to love
20. breakfast dates with my husband
21. hot green tea
22. breakfasts with friends that last six hours
23. wine
24. Eggo waffles
25. reality TV shows (Project Runway, America Next Top Model, Biggest Loser)
26. pumpkin pie with whipped cream
27. my cell phone
28. martinis
29. The Clapper
30. a raked yard
31. Michael Buble CD (thanks Tracey!)
32. glazed croissants
33. family vacations
34. heated mattress cover
35. clean sheets
36. black flip flops
37. kisses
38. hugs
39. Bandwiches
40. sunshine
41. sound of children laughing
42. sharpened pencils
43. teachers who teach with passion
44. polished silver
45. neighbors

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your cornucopia runneth over too.


thehappyhunt said...

I can't believe that Bandwiches made your thankful list. LOL Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy your favorite holiday!! :)

JODI said...

Lisa- Hell ya Bndwiches made the thankful list, the profit margin Maddi earned for her personal band account (for the Rose Bowl) was incredible. We had a great day and I am exhausted!

Lin said...

What?! Only your black flip flops?? I like Michael Buble too, but I am seriously jealous that you like your neighbors. We have weinies for neighbors and I hate them. And no, hate is not too strong a word. Nice list, Jodi!

JODI said...

Lin- So you don't feel alone in the neighbor hating department... sandwiched between us and our favorite young family is the loser renter who never mows or rakes his yard and he has a primered truck with no plates that he loads the bed of the truck with trash bags, he doesn't pay for trash pick up. It's fully loaded at the present time. I think he and his 14 yr. old son are vampires. It is the reason I can come up with for the fact they never leave the house and the blinds are closed all the time. We can't stand'm.

Feel better now?