Thursday, November 12, 2009

It Was a Flash Gordon Morning

Since I still am not feeling like myself but have returned to work despite; I crawl back in bed every morning after I pack the girls' lunches. I sleep till the very last minute that I possibly can to still make myself look presentable to kids aged 5-11...and maybe a hand full of fellow adults.

This morning I slept through my alarm for the first time. I rolled over at 8:46am, freaked, and realized I needed to leave the house at 9:10am.

I learned today that I can brush my teeth in the shower with one hand and soap my body with the other. Luckily it was a non-wash hair day so I jazzed my frizz with a blow dryer and a round brush...then slipped a head band on. Next I slapped a little bring me back to life color on the face. Then I threw on the last clean thing hanging in the laundry room, fastened my black Mary Jane Sketchers to my feet, slapped a half sandwich together and BAM out the door by 9:09am.

I did it. Didn't care for the rush feeling but I was on time to work. In the end that is the thing that mattered most.


Lin said...

Oh, poor Judy! I hope you are gonna get well soon. Nothin' like having the mom get sick--laundry piling up, dishes stuffed in the dishwasher, etc. Do I haft to come down there and take care of you???

JODI said...

Lin- I have had enough of the mega doses of steriods. I have a taste of poison in my mouth that has ruined the flavor of everything I stick in my mouth to eat and drink. I need the codine cough syrup around 630pm since I am able to quell the cough most of the day. I unearthed my last pair of desperate underpants today so I will have to come to life tomorrow and wash clothes. I have to limit these sick days...starting tomorrow!

I think I will make it.

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