Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Hair Of The Candy Bar

While most children are waking this morning to a sugar coma hang over, their parents tossing them fun size candy bars to take the edge off or bring them back to life; I stayed home last night only to answer my door to ten, TEN, goblins. So if you're thirsty I have thirty-eight cans of Vess soda pop left for the taking.

I woke this morning to realize that 730am on the clock was really 630am. Bonus! I also realized King Ralph and I were home alone still. It was like it was before we had children--quiet...but lonely. Then we started reminiscing about how the girls use to stand in the doorway of our room to alert us they were awake and we would coax them into our bed, all three piled between us, with cartoons on the TV while we snuck a few more winks of sleep. This morning we lay in bed watching the Today show before heading to Ihop for breakfast wondering where the time has gone. How it is that our three little girls have grown so fast, grown into young women?

We picked D from her friends house where she informed us that trick-r-treating, as a high school freshman was much harder than years prior. That the weight of the candy snag bag was less this year...she handed me a candy count list along with the "do not touch" items...I only want the Milky Ways.
Laffy Taffy4
Sour Patch-1
Baby Ruth-5
Dum Dums-1
100 Grand-2
Rice Krispies-1
Jolly Rancher-1

I see a huge issue here--NO MILKY WAYS ON THIS LIST. Like really! What am I too snag from her sweet bag? This just proves she might be past the age to trick-r-treat. When you return without Mom's favorite it becomes a waste of time?

Orange or lemon-lime soda pop anyone?


Lin said...

It's the darn cost of chocolate! Look at how many of those don't have chocolate. And in our lovely cook county, they are actually taxing candy at a higher rate now. Ugh. It is an evil plot to banish Halloween. We only had 15 trick or treaters, so we've got some yummy peanut butter cups to eat up. :)

JODI said...

Lin-Taxing candy!? I'm gonna call my family up there and find out what they handed out--chocolate or no chocolate? My Grandma always hands out Snickers to the big kids and Crunch bars to the little ones (so they don't chance choking on a nut, lol).

Hey how 'bout a trade, two peanut butter cups for one orange soda pop?

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