Monday, September 14, 2009

Laundry 101

Why is it that we allow our own busy lives to stop us from making time to be with friends?

I had the best Saturday. And the longest breakfast of my life. I met up with my old camp friends and talked the morning into the afternoon--a six hour breakfast date, with tons more talking that could have been done. We talked about our parents, husbands, kids, G's adorable grand kids, menopause, college life, Ellen as the new Idol judge (thumbs down)...and laundry.

Thanks to G's son, who is for the first time tending to his own laundry, I learned a whole new way to fold T-shirts. G told the story of how her son didn't know how to fold clothes so he Googled, "how to fold clothes." She intrigued us all with a folding technique I just felt I must learn for myself. Something to excite me into doing laundry (cause those who know me well know I hate doing laundry).

And so I Googled.

This is the what I found:

Now I can't stop doing laundry, looking for T-shirts in the girls laundry piles. I am suddenly addicted to folding T-shirts in this sort of laundry origami fashion.

I also left excited for the day I turn fifty, which is a ways off but still. Sitting with my girl friends I can tell wisdom, strength and increased confidence comes with the age.

Now anyone who says a six hour breakfast is crazy should know in the end we leave not just with our hearts filled with friendship but we leave with knowledge that will last a life time...and that we should never go three years between get togethers.

Ladies see you around Christmas!


Matthew Flores said...

Does that really work?!?!?!? That looks fantastic!! AND (since I do most of the laundry) that would be GREAT!!!

JODI said...

Yes Matt it really works! I think I hear Georgina calling you to fold a basket of T-shirts ;-)

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