Monday, September 07, 2009

Dancing On Tables Allowed

The "Clapper" brought me, continues to bring me so much joy I decided I needed another one of life's make-it-easier-on-yourself-gimmicks. The girls are laughing at me. King Ralph rolled his eyes when I tossed them in the shopping cart. However, I don't care how many eyes roll and how many tears develop from laughter over my special treat I purchased for myself. As I dance about I say stuff like "Seen on TV." I am loving my treat! The Slipper Genie.

M told me I needed to make a Slipper Genie dance so I could take dusting our wood floors to a whole nother level of cleaning fun and entertainment. Like dusting floors has ever been entertaining? Or fun? I worked up a whole Slipper Genie routine only to turn a spin out and see M lying at the bottom of the steps dying in laughter. There is a possibility that Slipper Genie could contribute to some weight loss and fitness training for me. I could use that.

I searched YouTube to see if anyone made a movie about the Slipper Genie. There is a multitude of them to chose from but I love Erin O'Brien's most of all. We are kindred slipper souls. Unlike Erin I got a deal minus a coupon on my Slipper Genie, just $5.99 at the Cape Girardeau Wal-Mart (they are probably cheap in case a college kid decides to buy them and clean those dorm room floors). I Googled Slipper Genie and see they also come in lime green. Mine, like Erin's, are hot pink. I painted my toe nails to match. Odds are I am as dorky as Erin while floor surfing dust in my Slipper Genie.

Wish I could spend a lot more time sharing the praises of my new footwear but I've got floors to walk and dust. And, maybe a few tables I could kick the dust off with a few of my new Slipper Genie dance moves.


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