Friday, April 28, 2017

My Day In Snapchat Story

Thanks to the nurse for this delicious skinny vanilla almond milk latte to get my day going.

See how M fixed my bitmoji hair up. 

The principal was out of the building and the assistant principal was suddenly summoned to put out a "fire". 

And. This. Happened.
The pressure to perform. To be heard and not seen. My nerves were shaking. My feet were sweating. It was A LOT of information to share. 

Finally I got a Friday treat in the form of a sweet baby girl with a head of hair. 
I think, I know, baby girl made me forget I had read those darn announcements. 

Happy Friday people! 


Lin said...

I'm sure you rocked the announcements. If I did them, they would make sure that I never did them again. :)

JODI said...

Lin, if I have to them this morning I'm turning around and coming home!!!