Sunday, April 16, 2017

I. Am. Blessed.

I'm totally ready for summer! Summer break to be exact!! I haven't been this stressed at work in four years.  I rely heavily on my weekends to bring me peace and joy. And the weekends lately haven't failed me! 

Last Friday night the annual trivia team rose to the thorn. We finally after 7 years of teaming at this same trivia achieved 1st place. What we know is not to be over shadowed by what we learned...that Pringles potato chips, no matter the flavor, are gross! 

Since Spring Break I've been busy with Make-A-Wish. I had known for a while that I needed to find something to add to my life that could offset the negativity that my job encompasses. There's something about a child's frailty to put perspective to life. So ya, this year my job is stress laced, but....  Helping to see a child's one wish come true, well that is the perspective of life I need! It does something for the heart. Fills my heart with joy and puts a smile on my face. And yes, even a happy tear in my eye. 

Last weekend my wish granter friend and I hosted a send-off party for a little guy who's wish was to go to Disney World. He was so excited with just the travel basket we created for him. If a basket of gold fish crackers, trail mix, Frittos, Reese's peanut butter cups, travel bingo and a personalzed T-shirt over joyed our wish kid, we can only imagine what he must be feeling this week as his wish plays out. 

This past Friday I had the day off work. I cleaned house and shopped for D's recital dress (omg college is near its end). On Saturday M and I started our morning with a coffee date and the 5k Wish Walk for Make-A-Wish, as members of team Noah's Crew.
M filled in for my original partner, King Ralph. We teased M that her big shirt was for big wishes.
Then after we got our exercise on and over with I mowed the lawn, prepared foods for a belated birthday BBQ for Princess A and her Prince Charming. We dyed eggs--because you're never to old to dye eggs.

On Easter morning we all gathered in the dining room at 8am for breakfast, where I broke out my Royal Albert bone china tea/coffee cup-plate sets. 
We feasted on quiche and ham and fruit and coffee cake. Like the best, most simple coffee cake ever!  


1 pkg yellow butter cake mix 
4 eggs
6 Tbs softened butter
1 cup sour cream 

Mix ingredients all together. 

In separate bowl mix 
1 cup brown sugar 
2 Tbs cinnamon 

Preheat oven to 350* 
Sprinkle some cinnamon mixture on the bottom of a greased 9x13 pan. Layer cake batter and cinnamon mixture (make 2 layers), ending with cinnamon mixture. Bake 25-30 minutes. Let cool, then ice 

In bowl combine 
2 cups powder sugar 
1/4 cup milk 
1 teaspoon vanilla 

Then the six of us went to church and filled a pew. 
There's something about Jesus that helps me ready myself for rough weeks.

Sooooo...Monday, ready or not here I come! 


Lin said...

Very nice! I like how you counterbalance the negatives. I need to work on that.

So...has prince charming offered a ring yet? I'm waiting patiently over here....

JODI said...

Lin, sit back, make yourself a veggie smoothie...I think it's gonna be a while.