Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Goodnight Moon

Four years ago on a beautiful sun filled  February Saturday morning King Ralph and I drove D to SEMO for a music school audition. D had always known she'd wanted to teach. The question was just what did she want to teach. In her inner tug-of-war I merely suggested that music filled her. It is her heart. That she might be happiest teaching what she loves best. Music. Singing. 

It's hard to believe that D will be coming home from college in three weeks. While she won't graduate in May, she will have completed the first of her two majors: Vocal Performance. In the Fall she will student teach near home and complete her second major: Vocal Music Education. D will graduate in December. 

As hard as it is for King Ralph and I to grasp our baby has been away for four years, it is harder for D. She can't totally comprehend how fast the past four years went by. She fully embraced college. She was involved in campus organizations. She made friends, lots of friends. She became more accepting than she already was of different cultures and life choices. A trait that will serve her well in the classroom. She was devoted to and achieved academic excellence. She grew into a more radiant intelligent lady. 

This past Sunday D invited her family and friends to a most beautiful and angelic senior recital. For one hour and twenty minutes D sang to an audience of family, friends, sorority sisters and her college professors. She sang in French, Czech, Russian, German...and that was all before the intermission. While King Ralph has claimed his favorite piece to be E l'uccelino by Puccini, mine was Goodnight Moon by Eric Whitacre.
Yes, the children's book Goodnight Moon. It was a symbolic nod to the end of her college campus days. It was beautiful in story and voice. A touch of serene beauty was added with her music school friend accompanying the song with the cello. It was peaceful and soul filling. It made many of us cry. The good feel-it-in-your-heart cry.

How do you top that? 

You don't. 

Simply say. 

Thank you. 
          (Vocal and Piano Professors) 


Goodnight Moon. 

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