Thursday, March 30, 2017

Survival Means Always Counting Down the Days

I left work on Friday, March 17, not thinking of four leaf clovers, corn beef or green beer. Nope. I left thinking of grabbing a blueberry lager from the frig, while King Ralph captained the truck and towed The Wanderlust. The slightly shortened day I had was by far the most stressful I'd had in some time. That doesn't even count my nine co-workers intertwined in that day's situation. 

By mile marker 90 I was finally relaxed and could start thinking spring break. A break I needed more than I realized. More so because I received an email from my boss warning of me of what was waiting for me on my desk upon my return. That's when I started to count my blessings and thank God for the children he gave me!  

I spent the week sun soaking, reading, sipping cocktails--on and off the beach, riding my bike, watching Redbox movies at night....after walking the dog under the moonlight. I grilled dinners with King Ralph, played games and laughed with him. It was good. Really good! 

Here I am a week post Spring break and all I can I do is think about summer break. You'd think I would rather reflect back on the getaway. Truth is this school year has exhausted me--mind, body and soul. So really, in the matter of survival, counting down to June 8 is the healthy thing to do! 

But if I must reflect...

Dear Beach: 
Thanks for cleansing my soul. You are the perfect escape. See you again next March. <3

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Lin said...

Count yourself lucky that you have built-in breaks into the madness. Me...I am lucky to have the shenanigans ALL year round!!

Looks like a GREAT trip. Love your longer hair!