Sunday, March 05, 2017

Color Me Manila File Folders

Last Friday I popped into Starbucks to fetch a skinny vanilla almond milk latte. I'd been craving a coffee something bad! After standing in line for seven minutes without moving I had to hop out of line and head to work. It ruined the day when the one thing I wanted I couldn't have because of time clock constraints! 

This morning I was determined to have a Friday coffee. I arrived to a nearly empty parking lot. I felt confident. When I approached the door to Starbucks I cringed. Five people ahead of me. Why coffee lines gotta move slow is beyond me. While I was waiting to place my coffee order I texted Princess A 
(Looked at my weather app, outside temp 26*) 

Truth is I dress for inside not outside. I dress to survive the seven to three-thirty grind...and that means sandals. I stood waiting staring at my watch, tick-tock-tick-tock. Fear not, I scored coffee! I felt like Wonder Woman ready to tackle whatever might be coming my way. And did it come! 

The day came at me like a swarm of bees. File folders fanned across my desk like a deck of cards. My waiting area succumb to standing room only. My computer's mouse guiding the arrow to "print" over and over again. I cranked out notification emails like they were multi-million dollar lottery tickets. My spread sheet of names growing by the minute. Taking a bathroom break was a guilty pleasure. At times I let my mind remember the delicious coffee I started my day with and how it fueled me. 

And my feet...happy and cool! 

Dear Monday, please go easy on me! I still have Friday's file folders to hide behind. 

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Lin said...

SCORE for the coffee! Sometimes the line isn't as bad as it appears. I'm glad you waited.

I, too, have to dress for the office. There are certain cultures that like it to be 800 degrees wherever they are. In spite of the heat cranked at 78 degrees, they all have heaters by their desks there...going all day..whether or not they are at their desk. I am freaking SWEATING all day. I don't know how they work with all that heat--I am drowsy. Oh, wait, they AREN'T working.