Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let It Snow

Yesterday I had devised a plan to wear blue jeans on a Wednesday. The library is promoting All For Books. For a donation you can dress as your favorite book character. My master mind genius scheme was to dress as Carmen from Sisterhhod of the Traveling Pants, as a way to defy that "jeans on Friday only" rule. Who doesn't love magic jeans?! 

Then it had to go and snow. 

Snow day!

If I was doubtful that our new messenger service wasn't telling me the truth, I got a text at 4:51am, a recorded voice message at 4:55am and an email with an attachment of the voice message when I opened my work email. I like a system that covers all it's bases. And I laugh!  

If you're my Snapchat "friend" you got to enjoy my story today. If you aren't snapping with me, here's my day--snap style.
When I say "we" I use the term lightly. I shoveled 75% of driveway while King Ralph cleaned and warmed the truck. He was my chauffeur after all. When our schedules are in sync we carpool on snowy days. 
Apparently I was the only office girl strong enough to take on the two and a half inches of snow. Oh ya, I wore those magic jeans anyway.
All alone in the office is my favorite way to work. I showered, brushed my unwashed hair, and put on as little make-up as possible, to look somewhat alive, for all those people who would never see me. 
After piddling around the office doing mail, I booted up my computer and added a little note to my Google screen. 
Then it was time to get to comfort.  You should know I did A LOT of work today! I attribute the comfort of my feet to my ability to crank out the work. (Focus on the fancy feet, not my snack stash!) 
I did break to brew some hot tea. 
When I got home M, who enjoyed the luxury of the snow day, went outside in the cold snowy yard to be goofy. It wasn't snowman snow, so this is our version of playing in the snow. We are geeks. What can I say?!

Tomorrow it is back to routine life. 


Lin said...

Oooh, a "work" day with no interruptions! How wonderful! No annoying co-workers....bratty kids...annoying bosses....Yahoo!

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