Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekends Are Rarely For Relaxing

I feel like crap! The rag weed season has finally caught up to me, but I'll take it, considering the alternative germ that could have got me.  All last week I listened from my desk to students puking in the nurse's office. Just when we all thought we had beat that 12-36 hour incubation period of possible infection, the puke started all over again. As of sunday we were all in the clear (again) and I am left holding a box of Kleenex and my inhaler (still better than my head in the toilet any day!). But, even feeling like crap didn't  mean the busy weekend ga e me a break. 

Friday lunches are back! My lunch buddy Julie and I seldom order lunch in like everyone else (once we did last year, we were noted as being "out of character", we over ate and felt miserable all day), so instead we take turns bringing in lunch to share on Friday. We do things like Italian subs, homemade hummus and sloppy joes. For the return of Friday lunch I made seven layer salad. Seven layers of healthy yum...until that dressing layer, that was more delicious than healthy. When you feel like crap and there is half a pan of salad's what King Ralph gets for dinner! Then I lie on the couch watching TV, clutching a box of Kleenex. 

Saturday was the "Glennon Gallop", the charity polo match for the children's hospital that Princess A is employeed by. She decided to get involved with the foundation and I happily agreed to go with her to volunteer. Since going back to work full time I've sadly gotten away from giving my time to worth while organizations. Volunteering really does make you feel good. It made me feel better when someone asked if Princess A and I were students at SLU. Anytime a menopausal woman is mistaken for being college aged it's a good day to volunteer!

I know nothing about polo, other than what I learned from watching "Pretty Woman"...and yes there really was a divot stomp at half time. 

Princess A and I decided next year we are going to attend the polo galla instead of volunteering. It's $25 a car load, and you can sit on the hill side with a blanket, buy a picnic basket for $50 (there is wine in the basket) or bring your own basket. For a $100 you can tail gate (bring your own feast). Princess A and I think it would be a fun girls only event. Not to mention getting to dress cute and wear a fun hat. 

Once we finished a day of volunteering, King Ralph and I went to an RV show. We just bought a new truck and now we want to find the perfect retirement RV. King Ralph was eligible a few years ago to retire, you know college keeps him in a uniform. We have a plan to take off the morning after my last day of the school year and come home a few days before I return for the next school year. There is a big country out there to see, and we plan on seeing it--in style! 

It wasn't long after we got home these two cuties arrived.
The week started for them as cousins and ended it as sisters.  My girls know I don't get the whole sorority thing, but somehow it has served them well in their college years. I do think it is going to be fun to see D and her cousin bond in a new way. A matter of fact, all but one of the first cousins share a bond of the same "sisterhood." I made a hash tag for these girlies #therealcousinsofcape--they are taking SEMO, the music department and now AXO by storm. 

Sunday was shower day for another cousin. Princess A baked adorable cookies to add to a beautiful dessert table 
They paired well with the cupcakes served 

D and her cousin aren't returning to school till Monday. It's the bonus of the 8am class being canceled in advance and being only an hour and a half from home...or in this case school. The beer loving girls and their pop decided to have their own beer tasting of local craft beers on the deck.
                              The weather (ridden with rag weed) was georgous and perfect for grilling. King Ralph grilled mac-n-cheese stuffed burgers (man's been purousing Pintrest). The only thing missing all weekend was our M! 

Now it's back work to rela, blow my nose, and roll the dice on contracting the flu. 


Lin said...

Sounds like a good weekend.

What kind of camper are you getting? I am seriously jealous.

JODI said...

Lin- it's a toss up between a 29' fifth wheel or a travel trailer. Our research continues....