Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Balłoon No-Glow

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to go to the Balloon Glow in Forest Park. The kids' activities always superseded. For years and years it was football games and marching band performances. Later it was high school plays, then we progressed to out-of-town trips. This year, this year was our year! 

King Ralph and I immediately mixed cocktails in to go containers and iced down beer in the cooler. We got the collapsible wagon, chairs, blanket and an umbrella--just in case. Mother Nature is always teasing us these days (the umbrella never made an appearance).  We waited for M to arrive home for a weekend visit, then the three of us headed to the park in the city. 

The evening was georgous September weather. Honestly you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening in the park.  We picked our spot amongst most of Saint Louis, spread our blanket out, set up our chairs, had a drink and posed for a snap chat to send to Princess A and D. 
Oh that silly King! Let's take a closer look...he's "keeping the peace" in the city's big park. 

Once our dinner hunger had peaked King Ralph and M peaced out (I couldn't help throwing that in here), I mean hit up the food trucks while I protected our claimed spot. I love food trucks! They did not fail us! 
We shared...two bites, rotate, till it was all eaten up.  We feasted from three separate food trucks--cheese steak, nacho supreme, gyro, and cheese fries. About an hour later we decided to hit up the dessert trucks 
The only item we ate was that large square of super sweet and yummy German chocolate gooey butter cake (gooey butter cake is a serious St. Louis bakery treat, that bakers are always taking to a new sugary level). 

The sun had set and folks starting packing up their belongings to head into the balloon epicenter. Remember I've waited years to experience the glory of the glow.  We watched as the Curves balloon inflated, then we watched as it deflated. WHAT?!  
Ha! While Mother Nature kept the rain at bay she sent the winds. It was just windy for the balloons to inflate. The wind would have blown them into the flames, igniting the parachute fabrics. So instead the pilots  just blasted their flames.
It was a flame show until the fireworks went off at 9:15pm, while the band played American themed songs to a glowing show in the sky. 

The next day was the balloon race. Having things to tend to, going back to the park was not an option. We did however catch the beginnings of the race in the skies, as we drove through another section of the city. At times we saw as many as eight balloons peppering the city skies. 

While it wasn't everything I had hoped for King Ralph and I enjoyed our Friday evening with our M. 

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