Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Reason To Smile

Today was early release day for students. It's a nice change of pace in the office. The phones don't ring much, tasks can be managed without constant interruptions. It's what one would define as a relaxed office atmosphere. 

I did have one wee little desk-side deversation, and her name was Lily. She was a teacher's kindergarten daughter. Mr. Teacher picked up his daughter from school and asked me if I minded if his child hung with me, while he attended his meeting. I obliged him. It's hard to turn away an adorable red head in a floral dress with cowboy boots. Lily came armed with gold fish crackers and art supplies. I offered lemonade and access to my office supply drawers. Little Lily enjoyed rummaging my drawers and finding items to create a collage. I'm down thirty-three cents of my personal lose change floating in my drawer, but with a bit of Scotch tape it added quite the shine to that collage. The thing I loved most was a portrait created with the Crayola marker as the chosen art medium. I was asked my hair color...suppose my Nice and Easy 106G wasn't fooling a little red headed kindergartener. She colored my clothes to exact color pallet: black. I'm not certain if my desk chair is space age or I stand on my head in my chair. 

So. I present to you--"Jodi at Work with Lily." And I smile!