Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Nest Is Empty

The nests are now empty, but before my sister-in-law, King Ralph and I sent our babies packing we partied. 


Last Saturday we spent the day poolside, with family. We had a college send off celebration for the youngest family members: D and Peanut. 
(Princess A with the nieces) 

We mixed lots of tropical garnish, but the bendy straw was an adequate replacement. 

Time for a refill! 

King Ralph was given the honor of grill master (even if the hat doesn't fit wear it, because someone found it hiding in a box). 

Dinner ended with dessert, cake--to send the baby cousins off to the same college, to major in the same subject: vocal music education. 

D arrived to SEMO on Tuesday with the the help of King Ralph, and set out to prepare for the onslaught of the Freshman's arrival. 

Thursday Peanut arrived and sent a snap. 
(The snap chat of joy alerting her arrival to campus) 

D's assigned move-in day shift had ended, she headed over to help...make a bed?  The proof is all in the picture...looks more like an observer than a bed maker, if you ask me. 

The cousins met up in the evening at a campus welcome event, and while it is important for Peanut to make her own freshman friends, it's nice to know she has a junior in her corner. Not to mention now when we go to concerts we get to enjoy two beautiful known voices! 

While my sister-in-law is nursing her emotions of sending her only child off to college, King Ralph and I are partying it up...our nest is empty again! 

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Lin said...

It's nice for her to have a friend on campus in case she gets homesick or just needs a buddy outside of the usual gang. I'm sure mom feels better knowing there is family there to look out for her.

I can't believe how fast these college years are going! I'm soooo close to never having to move their stuff EVER again!!