Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Fine Print

Appearantly the fine print in my employee contract says: heavy hauling, must be able to lift 50 pounds and move boxes from floor to floor, one end of the building to the other...bonus: use of elevator key. Damn it I didn't read that fine print in 2007, when my eyes could still focus without reading glasses.  I've hauled and unpacked and stocked office supplies for three days. My bones ache, my foot swells, I soak in Epsom salt bathes at night, and I feel like "Three Guys and a Truck"--except I'm one gal and a flat bed dolly. If I never see a case of manila file folders again in my life time, I'm certain I could survive the most herendous disease. I've unpacked a gross amount of unnessacery supplies that I'm certain a teacher could secure a raise...just off of jumbo paper clips and file folders alone. If you think I was miffed as I did this [solo] task, you guessed correct!  I just felt like I was seeing misuse of my taxdollars dash   before my eyes.  I'm frugal, practical-- what can I say?! I did win the favor of the custodians because I just asked for that flat bed dolly and did the work all myself. Those guys are over worked, under paid and are never appreciated as they should be. I figured if I was taking a bull by the horns myself, well, I mine as well just win the bull fight all myself. I told them to watch out I was a threat to their jobs. Wink, wink! 

When I returned to work last week, my desk I couldn't find. Seems when you're off all summer people think it's okay to dump the things they aren't sure what to do with into my sacred space. Looking at my desk made me sweat. Well, luckily my diligence paid off...my desk is all mine again! I can finally type without the risk of bruising my elbows and I'm not hidden by the Great Wall of boxes. My to do list was down to two tasks, so I was beginning to feel comfortable. I decided as exhausted as I felt that a family night at the ballpark was in order. Then my summer fun list could get another check mark. 
While the Cardinals were kicking the Piarates' butts, M filled my hand with some peanut M&Ms, when they dumped out in just the school colors I was certain this was a sign...
a sign good things are to come. For me and our teachers! 

Commence with the 2015-16 middle school year! 

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Lin said...

GO JODI! They gave you that job because they knew it would get done. Sadly, that's how it works everywhere. I get the stinky jobs too. And yes, I'm buddies with the maintenance staff too.

Welcome back to work. I'm glad you found (and cleared) your desk.