Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Man And His Selfie Stick

King Ralph wanted a selfie stick, so for Father's Day the girls indulged him. He's never been great with framing pictures, even without his stick, and he doesn't take to constructive critasism. Which we think is more good advice--don't put the stick in the picture, you don't always have to extend the stick fully, etc....

Take One - oops not everyone got in the picture
Take Two - Try much ground on the left 
Take Three - where's Princess A 
Take Four - "Princess A stick your head out!" 

Perfect. (Except there's still too much ground on the left) That's a wrap! 



Lin said...

That's hilarious! And I imagine you all giving him crap the entire "photo shoot!"

JODI said...

Well Lin, it's never easy being the only man in the crowd. LOL

roba gad said...

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