Thursday, June 12, 2014

Whipper Will

Last Thursday while camping we sat around the camp fire hoping to hear a symphony of cricket chirps...the sound of summer.  Instead we were treated to a concert by a solo whipper will.  The joyous singing bird of the forest, the nocturnal bird from hell!

All night long!

It made for an angry Princess A who sent this video.

And I blocked his singing by treating it like when the girls annoy the crap out of me, asking the same thing over and over in an attempt to break me down.  I have a great talent to block out such that I do not to care to listen or hear.  D not so much.  She found herself sleeping on the camper couch (on the other end of the camper from her bed), farther from the sounds of whipper will's song.

All the while this movie scene popped into our heads


On Friday evening the Boy Scouts rolled into camp and just as the ole' whipper will started to sing, he stopped.  We had visions of boys in khaki with BB guns target shooting at the nocturnal nuisance, earning a badge. Until Saturday night. Sigh.  King Ralph's cousin chased whipper will's tunes and was tossing rocks at trees, any tree that seemed to hold the song of that damn bird.  For a moment the singing stopped.    

I hope I never have to hear another whipper will again in my life!  But I'm certain I will...armed with ear plugs.


Lin said...

Oh my god. I LOVE the two videos.

What is with birds when you are camping. I always end up with either a loud-ass blue jay or cardinal above my tent at the crack of dawn. It's like they just sorta know how obnoxious they are.

Happy Camping!!

How are the mosquitoes this year?

JODI said...

Lin- I will take the crack of dawn bird over all damn night long whipper will!

The mosquitoes were no where around last weekend, but it's raining a lot this week so I am preparing myself for an invasion.

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