Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morning Rituals

We all have them: morning rituals.  You know, shower, brush teeth, pack lunches,

Yes, coffee.

Most mornings I will brew myself some hot tea--Earl Grey or English Breakfast.  But, on Mondays and Fridays I always have a Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte; whether I am working or on my summer hall pass. Except this week it has taken me till today, Wednesday, to have my Monday coffee.

Regardless my sway from ritual, there are some things I can always expect to be the same.  Same friendly cashiers taking my order, asking me if I want a little bite to eat.  I always reply, "no thank you."  Same friendly barista making my coffee, asking me when school is out or when it begins again ("my" Starbucks exudes "The Fred Factor"). Same woman sitting on the couch, blanket draped across legs, reading.  Same stay-at-home dad with his toddler dressed in pink pajamas and pink cowboy boots.  Same men's prayer group.  And. Same couple meeting at Starbucks for a morning of cup optional.

Romeo is usually the one waiting for his Juliette to arrive, sitting at the same table, coffee waiting.  The moment they unite at around 6:40am they are affixed like puzzle pieces, snuggled close next to one another, his arm draped over her shoulder resting just above her left breast.  They google and oogle into one another's eyes, passion dripping like honey from a pot dipper.

When I told my girls about them I suggested it was a secret love affair.  One of the girls said "look for wedding rings."  I did.  No rings.  While the other proclaimed "secret love affairs at a South County Starbucks, where everyone knows someone who walks through the door is near impossible".  Still it is an odd ritual for people in their 50's...not the coffee, but the public meeting spot.

Then this morning, my timing off by thirty minutes, I took to my parking spot as my eyes caught Romeo and Juliette standing at an open car door.  No one was slithering in the car. Instead they stood there making out, Juliette stroking Romoe's face with both her hands, gazing into his eyes, smiling.  It was a moment when I wanted to scream out, "GET A ROOM" I did not, choosing to glance in disbelief.  I did however notice an older couple sitting at the outdoor cafe' tables staring.  Because it was hard not too.  Older couple and I engaged in conversation as I stepped up from the curb onto the patio. (Princess A said "OMG Mom, gossiping with the Starbucks people?!")  We commented on their regular early morning rendezvous and wondered if they were having a secret love affair.  I then commented they were like teenagers and the older woman said, "no, worse than teenagers."     

Now I will finish my coffee and try to erase the lewd behavior of grown people from my mind. 

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