Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th's Lucky Find

While I am relishing my summer hall pass, I feel a bit like a stepford wife-- home all day, no car, cleaning.  Last summer was so easy when M was working in New York, D had the "kid" car, which made life easy.  This summer M has stayed at MSU going to summer school and working; which leaves us one car short and me carless.  We are not ready just yet to have a fifth car on our insurance policy. So D gets my car to go to work and I stay home or hoof it around town.

This morning I woke early (by chance not choice), grabbed my keys (I feel like a teen getting the privilege to borrow the car) and headed up the street for my usual Friday Starbucks skinny vanilla latte.  Not even my summer hall pass can break that routine!  While standing in line I started to flip through the "notes" on my phone and found I had scribbled the beginnings of a blog post while on our Christmas vacation--a cruise.  I remember now sitting on the deck, taking in the sun and jotting down my thoughts since I had no internet access to make a post.

So here you have it: Friday the 13th's Lucky Find.


It seems like just yesterday that I was bundled in my nanook with a snow shovel in my hand...transitioned into a new December world--the tropical kind.

Christmas was less than a week ago, gifts with brightly colored papers and big soft bows filled all around the base of the tree are but a memory. The tree adorned with white lights that stands in our great room between the living room and the dining room stands dim and silent.  All around me is blue sea with doses of warm sunshine pouring down from the sky onto my skin.  The egg nog spiked with Kahlua, vanilla vodka and Bailey's Irish Cream has been replaced with fruit punch laced with rum.  My snowy white skin is lathered with thirty sunscreen and rejoicing in a break from seasonal affective disorder.  The carols of Christmas I so love have also been replaced with calypso music and the beat of steel drums.  Sweet potato souffl√© crusted with finely ground pecans and brown sugar is traded for a caldron of jambalaya cooked poolside.

I'm feeling alive! I'm on a cruise ship!

Next usual Starbucks and another "Friday Find" from my phone notes.

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