Monday, May 26, 2014

They Bond: Father and Daughter

M had a project in mind...something she saw on her BF's phone background.  She has been buying twenty dollar wooden baseball bats for the last nine months or so.  Every time she had a coupon she bought a bat-- six in all. 

Our M has been home for a week break from school and her job working for the Springfield Cardinals - the minor league team to our beloved STL Cardinals.  She could think of no better way to bond with her daddy than in the garage, with power tools and spray paints.  They got to work--King Ralph lining up exact measurements to splice a bat right down the center...M spray painting with precision strokes for that no paint runs perfection. 

When it was all said and done M has created a gift for her guy that screams both
 'Merica and baseball. 
There is nothing that Maddi loves more than her 'Merica! 
Just in time for Memorial Day!
Just in time for her to return to her second home.
I'm starting to miss her already. 

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