Wednesday, May 07, 2014

On The Mend

I'm on the mend. 
 Little by little I am dropping one pill a day and a few breathing treatments off my medication list and decreasing dosages of the pills I am still sucking down each day. 
 Being sick, just plain stinks!
I did manage to get myself to the point, on Sunday, that I took a ride to SEMO to listen to D sing and perform a rather saucy monologue.
 Princess A took to "Driving Miss Daisy"....cause she loves her momma--so that I could listen to the sweet opera sounds from my baby's voice, and the comedy of opera--most don't realize is in an opera.

D had several school obligations post her performance.  Our time was brief but we captured a few pictures on the windy River Campus to mark the day.

It meant the world to D that her biggest sister made the journey to watch her performance.
While it warms my heart that I got see D perform, my heart is breaking that I will spend my first Mother's Day in her nineteen years without her, to hug and kiss in the morning.  It's the first Mother's Day I will be down two of my girlies, that is hard! 
I do have a sweet recording she gave me last year as a gift (that made me cry then and now) of her signing Never Far From Home.  It's a realization to how much she has grown vocally in college, and that she is ever closer to coming home for the summer. 
I listen once again to my D sing to me. 

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