Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Adult In The House, So Light the Candles

Why can't Keeper sleep?
A. She is excited for the big race
B. King Ralph turned on his side of bed heater and is cooking Keeper to death
C.  The anniversary of giving birth to M has her mind stirring with memories
D. All of the above

I'm gonna go with answer "D". 

Answer "C" is probably really up there! Totally up there!!  This isn't any birthday, it's M's 18th birthday.  The year where she is granted privileges by law that will allow any of us to holler out hey M pick up a few lottery tickets on the way home tonight.  Or, hey M pick up so and so a pack of smokes on the way over tonight.  Even better, hey M pick up the latest issue of Playboy--so and so likes it, really, for the articles.  Oh course we all know the chance of M being allowed to picking anything up other than a lottery ticket for someone is slim to NONE!    

More importantly turning 18 means M has the right to vote...even join the military (to bad she keeps turning down all those military recruiter calls).   

Some how though, even being 18 and having had the privilege to watch her grow into a beautiful confident young lady...I still see the lovable little brown haired brown eyed girl who when asked "where are your glasses?" would shrug her tiny shoulders and reply "I nun no"  (the joys of having spectacles at 18 months). 



Lin said...

Hey, my mom's name is Phyllis!! You don't see that one around much anymore.

Oh, the lovely age of 18! Remember to fill out all those HIPAA forms at all of her doctors. We learned that lesson the hard way.

Happy Birthday, M!

JODI said...

Lin- Phyllis is my grandmother's name and Madison is named for her. BTW you win the coffee...good eye friend. I have better, exciting news about M and how to eye her in the parade--information coming soon.

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