Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opening Day

The next best thing to opening day at the ballpark is opening day at the drive-in-- Skyview Drive-in.

We like to treat the drive-in like it is our dinner theater. We opt for a more gourmet pallet of pre-show foods. Sure we have the standard fare of M&Ms, Mike & Ike's, Raisinettes and popcorn when the sunsets, but....we like to start things off with a meal that turns heads green with envy. For this opening day we had a menu of teriyaki pork tenderloin, hash brown casserole, Zia's salad and bakery bread.

Now we still relish in the scents that make the drive-in the drive-in--concession stand grease, bathrooms that have lines as long as Texas is wide (that sometimes can't keep flush up with the patrons needs) and the smell of wet gravel road dust; which is drowning in years of mystery scents. All the things that make the drive-in feel like going home again.

So I present to you: "how we roll"

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