Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello Summer You and I are About to Meet Again

Tomorrow is the last day of school...I mean work. I can hardly contain my excitement. And, it's a holiday weekend. So I've got plans that will keep me from this keyboard.

I plan to hang with my BWFs and sip cocktails and toast what was a great school year--after the bell rings and we all wave good-bye to the buses.

I plan to BBQ and swim with family on Saturday. Because working on that summer tan and eating foods cooked on an open flame is the best way to start off the summer.

I plan to celebrate twenty-three years of wedded bliss to King Ralph on Sunday at a winery that over looks the Mississippi River. While I sip my wine I will be listening to my co-worker's hubby's band play.

I plan on Monday to celebrate the silencing of the alarm clocks and sleep till my body says it wants to wake.

Then I'll be back on Tuesday.

Till then....


Lin said...

Happy Last Day of School! and the first BBQ and Swim...and Happy Anniversary...and hanging out! WOW! All that Happy going on. Nice. Enjoy, Jodi!

JODI said...

Lin- It really was a great weekend!