Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No One Said It Would Be A Picnic

Parenting has its peeks and valleys. This week I think the girls have taken us to the canyon.

Parenting is good cop, bad cop. Bad cop likes to confiscate all distraction devices. Real cop agreed it was all the option we had-- considering.

So friends text if you may, no one will respond. Facebook if you desire, no one will see what your "face" has to offer. Email too. No reply to receive. The world could blow and they will never know-- TV has gone black. Music? Naaaaaa, silence is all we hear. And the turning of text book pages.

Like I said the girls took us to the canyon. Since most canyons are formed by a process of long-time erosion...they have been eroding for a while and the river known as mom and dad had no choice but to flood.

Can't say I like this, it's just part of the job. The hardest non-paying job ever!


thehappyhunt said...

oh my. so for how long are all of the devices confiscated???

JODI said...

I'm thinking forever would be a just amount of time.

Actually, I, we, haven't made a decision yet but all the sassy just keeps adding time to the devices resting in the safe.

Lin said...

Funny that you and I did the exact same thing this week. Must have been a cop convention or something grand like that.

Em lost her phone and computer time, but she screamed about the phone/texting the most. Oh my, how the attitude changed the next day. It's now known as the "The Miracle of No Texting" at our house.

JODI said...

Lin-- Crazy how kids these days (and some adults) seem to think the cell phone and its text option is an extension of there appendages. Some days I think Maddi should join Text Anonymous--if there is such a thing, if not I will create it.